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A row of colorful houses with windows and balconies against a blue sky

Housing Authority: Part of Local Government?

Housing authorities play a crucial role in assisting low-income individuals and families, but there’s often confusion about their nature. Read on to learn more about housing authorities and their relationship with the local government. Understanding Housing Authorities Housing authorities were…

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Local Housing Authority

What Does a Local Housing Authority Do?

When it comes to ensuring workforce housing for communities, local housing authorities play a crucial role. These government agencies work diligently to address housing needs, provide assistance to low-income families, and promote fair housing practices to enable self-sufficiency within communities. …

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Hineshouse Properties

Hinesville Housing Authority closes waiting list

The Hinesville Housing Authority recently announced that the waiting list for housing through its leasing agency, Hineshouse Property Management and Maintenance, is now closed. Housing officials made the decision to close the waiting list on Nov. 8, after an ongoing…

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