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Four Men Inaugurating

Due to Covid-19, the ceremony only allowed up to 50 people to attend, however, thanks to Sparrow Communications and WTOC the event was live-streamed for the public to witness. Chairman of LCCHDO Paul Johnson spoke about the purpose of the development.

“The Liberty County Community Development Organization is a non-profit organization implicating and promoting self sufficiency and economic independence through housing,” Johnson said. “I’ve learned in my short life-span that one of the greatest investments that you can make is real-estate.”

Johnson said that the organization is working to improve the overall community capacity to develop affordable and quality housing by strengthening the partnership and creating a systematic process that involves community members and making decisions about housing investments.

“Housing is an investment,” Johnson said. “This is our first project and we are looking to create partnerships that will develop unique living spaces for our community. We want to ensure that everyone has access to homes that they can afford, whether they are a life long resident or newcomer. Our ultimate goal is two provide a liberty and housing for all.”

According to Debra Attical, Grant Manager for the city of Riceboro, the city has received one of the three largest grants for the Department of Community Affairs CHIP program in the state of Georgia. “We are not a community that accepts ‘No’ for an answer,” she said. “We are oriented and problem solving. We want to have workforce housing for our people.”

For now, the project only consist of the two family homes, however, should the demand of housing increase, the project will continue to construct more affordable housing in the area. Both homes have second levels, consist of four bedrooms, and two baths. Honorable Mayor, Joseph Harris said, “Riceboro is the former County Seat of Liberty County Georgia and we are on the rise within our community. There’s history and a legacy here and it is a great place to allow your family to live and grow. The grand opening is important because it makes a huge statement that Riceboro is open for business and future development. We are making it loud and clear that we are focused on affordable housing in our community.”

CHIP is a grant provided by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, which helps Georgia cities build and renovate affordable single family homes. Board members and officials involved agreed that affordable housing should be accessible to everyone.

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