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Hineshouse Properties

The Hinesville Housing Authority recently announced that the waiting list for housing through its leasing agency, Hineshouse Property Management and Maintenance, is now closed. Housing officials made the decision to close the waiting list on Nov. 8, after an ongoing waiting period of two years extended to five years due to an increase in applications.


“The list has grown from 1,500 applicants to 1,800 applicants in the past few months in spite of our bi-annual purge,” said Melanie C. Thompson, CEO of the Hinesville Housing Authority. ”These applications are for individuals seeking one-bedroom apartments and families needing up to four bedrooms according to HUD guidelines.”


Thompson explained that it is frustrating for applicants to endure the lengthy application process only to wait for years to possibly receive housing in one of its 205 subsidized units. She says it is also a poor use of staff time to process applications when there is no housing to meet the demand.


Instead of focusing on maintaining the waiting list, the agency will now focus additional efforts on providing innovative housing solutions and increasing communication with current tenants and the public.

“We own vacant land in Hinesville that we were not able to develop last year because of pushback from adjacent neighborhoods,” Thompson said. “Also, the proposed tax credit development did not receive the three or more city council votes needed to change the zoning to build more affordable units. We are now planning several options regarding developing affordable housing whether apartments or new homes for the individuals, families, veterans and seniors who come to us for housing. It’s not just your low-income populations who need housing assistance right now, but various demographics are seeking housing that they can afford.”

Those who are currently on the waiting list will remain in the queue and be contacted as housing becomes available. Additional applications will not be accepted until more housing is added to the Hineshouse Property Management & Maintenance portfolio or the waiting list significantly decreases.


ABOUT HINESVILLE HOUSING AUTHORITY: The Hinesville Housing Authority (HHA) was created in 1959 by the City of Hinesville under the housing and development laws of the United States and Georgia. Its mission is to provide safe, affordable housing options that improve the quality of life for all residents of Liberty County, Ga.  HHA has grown to include the Hineshouse Property Management & Maintenance Services, Hineshouse Properties and Hineshouse Development subsidiaries to expand its housing services. For more information, visit