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The Hinesville Housing Authority Board of Commissioners is made up of 7 individuals. The Hinesville Mayor & Council appoints 7 members to serve as a representative. Collectively, these individuals provide insight on administration, finances, development, programs, and services of the Hinesville Housing Authority and its subsidiaries.

Joe Ford - Hinesville Housing Authority - Liberty County, GA

Joseph Ford

LaMonica Jenkins - Hinesville Housing Authority - Liberty County, GA

LaMonica Jenkins

Vice Chairman
Denise Deigh - Hinesville Housing Authority - Liberty County, GA

Denise Deigh

Lee McGee - Hinesville Housing Authority - Liberty County, GA

Lee McGee

Paul Johnson - Hinesville Housing Authority - Liberty County, GA

Paul Johnson


Karen L. Brunson

Carlton Solomon - Hinesville Housing Authority - Liberty County, GA

Carlton Solomon


Our Future Plans:

  • Expand our portfolio of single-family and multifamily units for possible home ownership
  • Become a regional developer of housing in the Coastal Georgia area
  • Develop and nurture partnerships with regional community leaders and elected officials

Improve the quality of life of residents, promote self-sufficiency and contribute to the betterment of the 7 Liberty County municipalities

Major Achievements of Plan as of February 2018

  • Board of Commissioners Committed to Twelve Hours of Training, Annually (Planned for Spring 2018)
  • Completed Review, Rewrite, Legal Review and Implementation of 22 Current Position Descriptions
  • Developed New Logos, Uniforms, Promotional Material and Website to Comprehensively Present Information to the Public
  • Obtained New Service and Support Vehicles to Enhance Marketing and Services
  • Negotiation to Grow Total Number of Units to 339 and to Reposition the Authority as a Medium-Sized Authority under HUD Rules
  • Developed a Subsidiary to Grow Opportunities for External Property Management, Maintenance and Landscaping Services to Potential Housing Client – Hineshouse Property Management and Maintenance Services (HPMMS)