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The Beginning…

The Housing Authority of the City of Hinesville submitted an application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to build low-income housing for the residents of the Hinesville area in 1959. HUD approved the construction of 30 dwelling units – 11 units were built on Rebecca Street and 19 units on Olive Street in Hinesville. The units were first occupied in the summer of 1961.

In 1971, after a second successful application, construction was completed on 48 additional units. These units consisted of 18 units on Gause Street, 14 family units on Gassaway Street, and 16 family units on Norwood Street in Hinesville.

In 1978, the Hinesville Housing Authority applied for and received approval to build 128 family housing units under the Section 8 new construction regulation. The development was named Regency Park Apartments. It was the beginning of a new era of housing services for Hinesville.

Hinesville Housing Authority Today…

In 2010, the Hinesville Housing Authority (HHA) renovated the units on Gause Street by building a gazebo, screening in the back porches, and painting the units. Also, in 2011 the units on Olive Street property were renovated by fully converting the units to electricity, painting the units, and updating the kitchens with new counter tops and light fixtures. On the Regency Park property, the staff started a community garden, so the residents could become involved with planting, growing, and eating healthy foods.  Currently, the Housing Authority of the City of Hinesville has eliminated Public Housing from its portfolio and has a total of  205  PBRA Section 8 units.

In 2013 the Hinesville Housing Authority established the Hineshouse Project, Inc., a nonprofit organization 501-3(c). The purpose of the Hinehouse Project was to provide linkage to community resources and promote family self-sufficiency. Hineshouse Project hosted its first Summer Learning Camp June 15–July 23, 2015. The focus of this camp was to keep children active during the summer months. Our Summer Learning Camp focused on learning as well as health and fitness.

In 2016, the Hineshouse Property Management & Maintenance Services. division was created. HPMMS has assumed the role of offering resident services established under Hineshouse Project. Inc. as well as community development projects. Hineshouse Development was also added to build housing solutions for all walks of life. Initiatives such as these are aimed to provide the residents with amenities and services beyond housing that will develop the entire family.

In all that we do our goal is quality housing, professional service, and self-sufficient residents.