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(912) 368-3466 100 Regency Place, Hinesville, GA 31313 Online Payments
Properties: 3
Units: 205
Market Units: 6
Section 8 Units: 205
Vacancies: 0
Individuals Served: 478
Waiting List Applications: 1133
REAC Physical Inspection Score: 88
MOR Score: 91
Resident Initiatives & Development Services: 18
2011 Regency Place Apartments Section 8 property renovation: $8 million
Nonprofit Organization: 3

Other Notable Information

The HHA nonprofit started in 2012 under the name of Hineshouse Project, Inc. In 2016, Hineshouse Project was replaced by Hineshouse Property Management & Maintenance Services (HPMMS) to provide more services to the community and Hineshouse Development was created to build more affordable housing properties.

The Asset Management Staff has the COS (Certified Occupancy Specialist) and the MHS (Multifamily and Housing Specialist) designations.