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Hinesville Housing Authority

The Hinesville Housing Authority will reopen its housing applications for 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units only on June 1. Individuals will be able to apply by appointment only if they are seeking housing.

On Nov. 8, 2021, housing officials made the decision to close the waiting list after an ongoing waiting period of two years extended to five years due to an increase in applications.

“The list had grown from 1,500 applicants to 1,800 applicants so we closed the application period to review the list,” said Melanie C. Thompson, CEO of the Hinesville Housing Authority. “Individuals who no longer need housing, do not qualify for housing or failed to reply to notifications were removed.”

Thompson further explained that there are no available units, and the waiting period is still 3-5 years. However, the leasing agency, Hineshouse Property Management & Maintenance Services, is accepting applications for the 2-bedroom and 3- bedroom units because those units become available more quickly than 1-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments.

“The likelihood of those units needing to be occupied is higher,” Thompson said. “We are also seeking opportunities to add more housing in the near future, so we want to have a list of applications ready to be housed.”

Anyone wanting to be added to the waiting list for housing may view the Hineshouse Property Management & Maintenance Services application online at Click on the Residents section and view forms to find the English language and Spanish language applications then call (912) 368-3466 to schedule an appointment.

ABOUT HINESVILLE HOUSING AUTHORITY: The Hinesville Housing Authority (HHA) was created in 1959 by the City of Hinesville under the housing and development laws of the United States and Georgia. Its mission is to provide safe, affordable housing options that improve the quality of life for all residents of Liberty County, Ga.  HHA has grown to include the Hineshouse Property Management & Maintenance Services, Hineshouse Properties and Hineshouse Development subsidiaries to expand its housing services. For more information, visit