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CDC Housing Eviction Moratorium Ends

The Center for Disease Control eviction moratorium will be lifted on July 31, ending the ban on housing evictions that was put in place due to the COVD-19 pandemic. The Hinesville Housing Authority is urging all residents to ensure they satisfy obligations to remain housed after the eviction moratorium is lifted.

Although the Hinesville Housing Authority only has jurisdiction over their five properties, the evictions process will impact all renters. For residents of Cedar Walk and Regency Park, the normal evictions process will begin August 1 with a notice given to tenants. Once the evictions paperwork is filed with the Liberty County court system, the tenant will be contacted by mail and an additional notice will be placed on his/her door.

“As our city continues to adjust to the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Hinesville Housing Authority is doing all we can to continue our work of providing safe and affordable housing options in Liberty County,” said Melanie C. Thompson, CEO of the Hinesville Housing Authority. “Currently, 10 out of our 232 units have tenants at risk of eviction.”

All tenants have been given notice of their current housing status and provided options to pay their balances, apply for payment assistance or relocate to another housing option before July 31. Those who require additional rental assistance are encouraged to contact the United Way of Coastal Empire, Liberty County, by dialing 211 or The Georgia Department of Community Affairs State of Georgia Rental Assistance Program (GRA) at

“We have spent the last 16 months alongside our residents and community leaders navigating these challenging times,” Thompson said. “However, we are also committed to ensuring we are fiscally responsible and our residents are

accountable. These evictions are necessary so we can continue to house people in need of affordable options in Liberty County.”

ABOUT HINESVILLE HOUSING AUTHORITY: The Hinesville Housing Authority (HHA) was created in 1959 by the City of Hinesville under the housing and development laws of the United States and Georgia. Its mission is to provide safe, affordable housing options that improve the quality of life for all residents of Liberty County, Ga.  HHA has grown to include the Hineshouse Property Management & Maintenance Services, Hineshouse Properties and Hineshouse Development subsidiaries to expand its housing services. For more information, visit

ABOUT HINESHOUSE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & MAINTENANCE SERVICES: Hineshouse Property Management & Maintenance Services is a subsidiary of the Hinesville Housing Authority. The nonprofit organization was founded in 2016 to give property owners and community complexes access to quality service at a reasonable price. Services include oversight of properties and tenants, management of community initiatives, landscaping, and small repair.